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Welcome to Edunova Technology’s React Native Training Course !

Our React Native course is led by a team of experienced instructors who not only possess deep expertise in React Native but also have a passion for guiding learners towards success. With their industry insights, you’ll gain practical knowledge that goes beyond theoretical concepts.

Our Full React Native Course caters to both beginners and those with prior programming experience. We believe in an interactive and project-driven approach to learning, and our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics, guiding you from the basics to advanced concepts.

What You'll Learn

Introduction to React Native:

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of React Native, its architecture, and how it enables cross-platform app development.

Authentication and User Management:

Explore techniques for implementing user authentication and managing user sessions.

JavaScript and ES6:

Learn the basics of JavaScript and explore ES6 features that are essential for React Native development.

Handling User Input:

Understand how to capture and validate user input using forms and input components.

Components and Styling:

Understand how to create and style components to build a visually appealing user interface.


Discover how to create smooth and engaging animations to enhance user experience.


Dive into navigation concepts, including stack navigation, tab navigation, and drawer navigation.

Testing and Debugging:

Learn strategies and tools for testing and debugging your React Native applications.

State Management with Redux:

Master Redux, a powerful state management library, to efficiently manage the state of your React Native app.


Get insights into deploying your app to both Android and iOS platforms.

API Integration:

Learn how to interact with APIs to fetch and display data in your mobile applications.

Workshops Available

React Native

Creating a React Native workshop for a training company involves structuring your content to teach participants how to develop mobile applications using React Native. Set up a development environment (Node.js, npm, Expo CLI). Discuss layout techniques and responsive design.

Advanced React Native

Creating an advanced React Native workshop for a training company involves diving deeper into the intricacies of mobile app development using React Native. This workshop assumes participants have a solid understanding of React Native fundamentals.

JavaScript & Node

This is a great workshop for teams that want some additional JavaScript centric material and is usually paired with the Core workshop. We cover JS and Node as we build a RESTful server in Node using Express, all while learning lots of JavaScript along the way.

Advanced Project

Participants work on an advanced React Native project, applying the skills learned during the workshop. Q&A session to address any remaining questions. Provide resources for further learning and reference materials.

Frequently Asked

Explain that React Native is a framework for building mobile apps using JavaScript and React, and highlight the key differences, such as cross-platform development and code reusability.

Explain that Expo is a set of tools for React Native development that simplifies the process. Discuss scenarios where Expo is suitable, such as prototyping or small-scale projects.

We Provide step-by-step instructions for setting up Node.js, npm or Yarn, and the development tools like Expo CLI or React Native CLI.

2-3 days

2-3 days

2-3 days

2-3 days

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